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The week begins with news for Microsoft customers. That’s because the company said on Monday it would extend Windows 7 security updates to those with active signatures of Windows 10 Enterprise E5, Microsoft 365 E5 or Microsoft 365 E5 Security. In four months (January 2020), Windows 7 will reach the end of its life and will no longer receive security updates, which is a problem for some companies still working with this operating system. By failing to receive security patches, companies are vulnerable to malware and attacks.  And it was with this in mind that Satya Nadella’s company shared a paper announcing that extended security updates for Windows 7 would be made for some specific customers. Windows 10 Enterprise E5 and Microsoft 365 E5 are the top-level operating system signatures or packages that include the older version of the operating system. Basically, these are the most expensive plans in their specific lines. In turn, these Windows 7 extended security updates were announced in September 2018, released as a last resort for organizations unable to exit the operating system before 2020.

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Some companies still need security for Windows 10

Remember that this “promotion” from Microsoft lasts until December 31 this year. It consists of providing the first year of Extended Security Updates to all eligible plan subscribers if these subscriptions were purchased before the end of this year and are still active on the last day of December. “Eligible subscription licenses must remain active for the full coverage period of the updates or free coverage expires with the subscription,” Microsoft explains in the document. The second year of security updates can be purchased separately for $ 50, and the third year for $ 100, for each device. However, Microsoft itself does not think that overpaying for the extra layer of security is necessary. “We believe most customers who need to purchase Windows 7 extended security updates only need first-year coverage,” the company notes.

The Windows 7 will lose support in January 2020 when no longer receive free updates security: from that date, the updates will be available only to business customers and will cost up to $ 200 per PC. However, Microsoft is making a promotion: Companies that subscribe to the Windows E5 or Microsoft 365 E5 plans take a year of upgrades at no extra cost. E5 business plan subscribers will receive Windows 7 upgrades between January 2020 and January 2021 at no additional cost, according to a paper obtained by TechCrunch and Computerworld. After that, the company is expected to pay $ 50 per PC if it wants to receive updates for another year by January 2022. Microsoft will have security patches by January 2023; In this final stretch, they will cost $ 100 per PC. (These amounts are charged once a year.) The promotion is for Windows E5, Microsoft 365 E5, or Microsoft 365 Government G5 subscribers (sold to governments). You must have an active subscription on December 31, 2019, and maintain it throughout 2020, to receive the benefit. Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate will be covered.

Microsoft charges up to $ 200 to upgrade Windows 10

Microsoft 365 E5 is the most expensive subscription for businesses: it includes Windows 10, Office suite, OneDrive for Business, advanced threat protection, and more. The Government plan offers the same features, but is designed to follow government-defined “regulatory controls”. You can also purchase only one operating system subscription, such as Windows E5 or Windows E3. Windows E3 customers will be charged $ 25 per PC annually if they want to upgrade to Windows 7 by 2020. The price rises to $ 50 in the second year and $ 100 in the third year. The values are more salty for companies with Windows 10 Pro: $ 50 per PC in the first year, then $ 100 and $ 200. See the table below: Microsoft sells these updates as a “last resort”; she continues to recommend that companies migrate to Windows 10. There is also the option of running Windows 7 on a cloud virtual machine through Azure; In this case, updates will be free.


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